What I Love (Right Now)

Here are things that I am loving, right now!


I love learning more about my MBTI score (ENFJ)! I’m always on the hunt for new articles that describe my personality as well as ones that share my favorite characters’ scores as well! This article stuck out to me. It’s MBTI and DISNEY! I love Disney so how perfect is this?! Also, when you have the same type has Mufasa all is right in the world.


Zara Top with Guipure Sleeve

This Zara Top with Guipure Sleeve is the next piece I’m adding to my collection! I love the detail on the sleeves- too cute! It comes in white but I will be the first to admit that I do not do well with white clothing!






Porter Magazine is one of my new favorite things. PORTER is the fashion magazine for the stylish, intelligent woman of now and is powered by NET-A-PORTER.COM. I love the interaction that they have with their readers. You can download the app here and follow them on insti here. Also how AMAZING does Lady Gaga look as their cover girl?! 




amigosExecutive Chef Alex Garcia opened Amigos, a pop-up Mexican eatery with a rotating roster of chefs. The menu is full amazing items that I can’t wait to try! So far I’ve had the guacamole, tacos, and a burrito (huge!!). The decor is precisely what you would want it to be: bright, bold, eclectic and fun! You can sit at tables, the bar, or even outside!

Yes, Just One

Yes, Just One. It seems that when I walk in to a restaurant the hostesses are in shock that I am asking to dine alone. I say ‘just one’ and they look at me like I am confused. But I reassure them ‘Yes, just one’.

For an extrovert, I do love to eat/be alone (this happens more now because well, I’m here…alone)! I always have. It gives me the time I need to recharge, reenergize, and refocus my mind. In college my work, class, and extracurricular activates were always in the way of me sitting down to meals with friends. Over the years I started to enjoy my own company. From people watching and imagining what their day was like to reading a book (for pleasure or for class).

I learned a lot about myself during those years. It set a base for who I am today. That time alone helped me to realize I can do anything I put my mind to. And I’ve done a lot (HI- I moved to NYC).

This has been on my mind since I had brunch (solo) last weekend. Why did I say JUST one? Why did I not go in to the restaurant and say ‘One please’? I’m not ashamed to be alone.

My new goal is to say ‘One please’ when I’m ready to dine because I am a pretty cool person (at least I think so)!

Check out some of my recent dining adventures!


101 in 1001

sunrise2I’m sitting here in my new apartment here in New York City. I’m getting ready for bed (yes already, it’s been a LONG weekend) and I’m having some Multi-Grain Cheerios (my favorite)! Tomorrow starts my first day at Columbia University! I’m so excited and what better way to start this new adventure in my life than a BIG LIST?!

I’ve been reading The College Prepster  (Carly Heitlinger) for quite some time now and I’ve recently started following her friend Mackenzie, the mastermind behind Design Darling.

Over on Mackenzie’s personal blog she has this challenge, 101 in 1001. Mackenzie says this list is a ‘happy medium between writing a to do list and keeping a bucket list’. I agree with her. So here is my list!

Start: Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finish: Sunday, December 25, 2016

  1. Come up with 101 things (Marchl 2014)
  2. Volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about.
  3. Read six biographies.
  4. Read six classics.
  5. Read at least thirty new books total.
  6. Start collecting something besides coffee table books.
  7. See three concerts.
  8. Go to bed at 10pm every night for two weeks.
  9. Wake up every day at  5 am every day for two weeks.
  10. Shop at farmer’s markets only for one month.
  11. Unplug completely for  4 hours (no internet, iPhone, television, etc).
  12. Invest in grown-up hangbag.
  13. Find a Pilates/yoga studio and make it part of my routine to go often!
  14. Read for thirty minutes every night for one month.
  15. Start an annual fund to Baldwin Wallace.
  16. Start an annual fund to Delta Zeta.
  17. Donate to a Kickstarter campaign I believe in.
  18. Blog regularly.
  19. Review products for my friends and family.
  20. See a TED talk live.
  21. Mail care packages to my brother.
  22. Learn how to crochet.
  23. Run a 5K- actually run.
  24. Give each member of my family at least one awesome present.
  25. Give five “just because” gifts to my friends.
  26. Try twenty new restaurants in New York. (Community. Amigos. Koronet. Deluxe.)
  27. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge.
  28. Visit three museums.
  29. Try SoulCycle (or some other really cool, new workout craze).
  30. Learn a new language (Spanish, probably).
  31. Travel to a new state.
  32. Go to Boston.
  33. Take a calligraphy class.
  34. Learn how to shoot a gun.
  35. See three Broadway plays.
  36. See six off Broadway plays.
  37. Watch the sun rise on a rooftop.
  38. Watch the sun set on a beach.
  39. Visit all 5 boroughs.
  40. Play a round of golf.
  41. Go to Coney Island.
  42. Land a full time position in NYC.
  43. See an NBA game.
  44. See an NFL game.
  45. See an NHL game.
  46. See a tennis match.
  47. See an MLB game.
  48. Take a staycation
  49. Take a cooking class.
  50. Take a boxing class.
  51. Replace coffee with tea for a full week.
  52. Network with new professionals in NYC.
  53. See every 2015 Oscar-Nominated Film.
  54. Be in the audience of an episode of ‘The Chew’.
  55. Go to dinner alone once per month.
  56. Visit Union Square.
  57. Visit The Strand.
  58. Pay more on my student loans each month.
  59. Pay off my credit cards.
  60. Visit The Brooklyn Bridge park.
  61. Take a sightseeing tour through NYC.
  62. Grow my savings account to have at least 6 months worth of savings.
  63. Attend a Barre workout class.
  64. Try dating new guys.
  65. Meet 5 bloggers IRL who I follow.
  66. Go to a new restaurant, ask waiter what dish I should get, order it.
  67. Pay off car.
  68. Find my go to LBD.
  69. Go to a Black Tie function.
  70. Wear heels every day for a week.
  71. Reach my goal weight.
  72. Maintain my goal weight for 4 weeks then…
  73. Become a Weight Watchers leader.
  74. Explore at least 4 different cultures in NYC.
  75. Redesign my blog to be more inclusive of who I am.
  76. Buy fresh flowers every month. (April)
  77. Complete a RAK every month.
  78. Purchase coffee for the person behind me.
  79. Throw a dinner party.
  80. Put my hopes and dreams in a balloon…and let go.
  81. Give up soda for 21 days.
  82. Get a cronut.
  83. Purchase the Sex and the City box set.
  84. Get a FitBit.
  85. Participate actively in the Delta Zeta alumna group.
  86. Find a commit to a women’s vitamin.
  87. Attend a rally.
  88. Attend a least 1 online webinar on HigherEd per month.
  89. Send out Holiday cards.
  90. Create a blog schedule and stick to it!
  91. Take a personal health day.
  92. Learn to kayak.
  93. Play tennis regularly.
  94. Give $5 to charity for every task on this list I don’t complete.
  95. Make pottery.
  96. Eat a salad with every dinner for one week.
  97. Go to a beer tasting.
  98. Attend a NYFW event (or 2).
  99. Save 5% of every paycheck.
  100. Plan someone else’s birthday party.
  101. Save $10 for every goal accomplished!

What are some item YOU would have in your 101 in 1001 list? Let me know in the comments!