Monday Motivation

Another Monday and another month almost complete. I can’t believe that May is ready to meet us at the end of the week! It honestly seems like we were just welcoming 2015 in!

Yesterday I had my first 5K of the season. And when I say 5k in no way do I mean running. I walk these 5Ks but yesterday I added some jogging in to my mix. I would say ‘OK, I will run until that marker’ and I did. I did 4 different sets of these ‘runs’. I came in 2nd in my age category which honestly surprised me very much but it also made me excited and was the kick I need to try and start running. I am going to the the ‘Couch to 5K program’.

Here’s some motivation for your Monday morning!

Monday Motivation

Good Morning! Can you believe it’s almost April?! It’s Spring here in Northeast Ohio- cold, warm, sun, snow, and rain are all in the forecast for the next 3 days. (Kid you not)

Last night I saw this BuzzFeed article and knew that today’s Monday Motivation needed some Disney in it! I’ve been to Disney World a few times and I’ve performed at Epcot and Magic Kingdom. It really is a magical place! Can’t wait to go back- hopefully soon!

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Friday Links

Throughout the week I always see articles that I’m very interested in reading but I just don’t have the time. When that happens I bookmark them in a folder. Some I see on different blogs I read or randomly on Facebook or Twitter and even LinkedIn.

These are the articles I’ve enjoyed this week:

Have a great weekend!