I hope these April showers bring May flowers

Today has been such a rainy day here in Cleveland, but I haven’t let that stop me these past few days. Here’s a recap of what happened to me this weekend- so funny & inspirational & exhausting to say the least.

Saturday was our Delta Zeta Dad’s Day- we went to a Cleveland Indians game; it was opening weekend against the White Sox. Our sorority got a group rate of tickets and had good seats along the first base lines past the base. We were these for a while and then I noticed on the Jumbotron (correct me if I am wrong) or giant score board that the Tribe’s PR Twitter account (@tribetalk) was having a ‘Tweet Your Seat’ for an Upgrade and being the Tweet Queen I am, I did it.

The game had started and I was looking to my left- the way game play and then I heard ‘KARI YOU WON’ and I looked to my right and saw this man with tickets in his hand! I had won the ‘Tweet Your Seat’ contest! I got 4 tickets so I brought along Lucy & her dad and we moved out to my new section. The seats were just a few sections away but closer and way better!

Earlier in the game I had texted a number that came up on the jumbotron about winning a prize. I did the same thing last year at a game and I won tickets then and to my surprise (well not really because my luck Saturday was very good) I won tickets this time too! I received 2 tickets to this Wednesday’s game against the Red Sox. Lucy and I will be in attendance!

The game didn’t end up going in the Indians’ favor but that is ok because I had a great time and they didn’t do too bad either! OH! And the weather wasn’t too bad!

When I came back to campus, I headed over to our 24 hour computer lab also known as ‘MACS’ to work on some final details for the Distinguished Leaders Conference (a conference for juniors & seniors who are leaders here at B-W, I am the student director and we held the conference April 3).

I had a majority of my to-do’s scratched off when I received a text from my little, Kristina asking what I was up to and I said nothing just getting work done. We decided to go see a movie- Limitless. SO GOOD!

I’m so glad that I went even though I had a lot on my mind, it was a nice getaway. And I LOVE Bradley Cooper too! Added perk!

So Sunday finally arrived. It was a day that I have been waiting for since last year (literally) to come up! I woke up early got ready and headed to the Union where we were having check-in. Some of my committee were already there and starting to set up. A little later students had begun to arrive and started checking in. Finally it was time to leave and we headed out to the Hilton Garden Inn- Downtown Cleveland.

After a few media glitches were taken care of we got everything started. Our keynote speaker for the morning was Coach Dick Tressel. Mr. Tressel is a B-W alum who nows works with his brother (also a B-W alum) at The Ohio State coaching the football team. His speech was very insightful and inspiring. Next the students were off to their first two sessions. Following these sessions was an etiquette lunch and then two more sessions following for the afternoon.

Hearing from the students at the end of the day and with their comment cards it seemed as though they all had a great time. Positive feedback is so rewarding :)

After we got back to B-W I was headed right back out to go to bd’s Mongolian Grill with the 2011 Dance Marathon Steering Committee. Every year we go as a group after the marathon as a celebration dinner! I love it there! The food, the atmosphere and the DESSERT! YUMM

Now, the ride there was so weird: rain, pellets but not hail but not snow so weird, and snow. All of this happened in our 25 minute ride to bd’s! It’s Cleveland what else would you expect?

It’s safe to say that this weekend was an extremely awesome one.



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