A Delta Zeta filled weekend

Every year my school holds a huge althletic event called April Reign. A tradition, April Reign is a weekend of competitions, concerts and cookouts. The weekend kicks off on Friday with Chariot races and an obstacle course, Saturday continues with Boat and a tug competition. Every Greek organization has a team as well as any other organization or group of friends.

Friday was a nice day- not too warm but not cold either. It was nice to walk around in sandals and tanks tops to these events. At the chariot event (I missed seeing this but saw the after math), the steering wheel for it came off and the chariot went haywire and hit someone & they were taken to the hospital. I saw the kid yesterday and he was on crutches. Yikes- another reason I do not participate in these events! Friday night was very chill, a few of us went to the local bar and just chilled out then came home to sleep.

Saturday is the most intense day- TUG. The boys take this event very seriously (I don’t really understand it but it’s okay). Well this year the weather was so crazy, here is a recap of the weather: sunny, rain, fog, hail, thunder, lightening, more rain and more sun. I can’t believe that all of that happened while we were at the beach (yea it takes place at the beach) in the morning. Needless to say everyone was cold and wet the entire time. In the end it was a great day!

Although my sorority didn’t place as well as we would have liked in the events, I know that we are the true winners out of this weekend.

On Sunday, the BW DZ’s had to get up at 6am and travel to Ohio Northern University for our Delta Zeta State Day. Each year the DZ’s within the state of Ohio come together to have workshops, hears a speaker and get some great awards. The BW DZ’s got some great awards: Golden Heart Award (I got this!!), Golden Crest Award (Christina Corsi), Quota Achievement Award, Recruitment Total Award, 100% Initiation Award, Philanthropy Excellence Award, The VIP Award (Vision, Innovation, Performance- first time award given ever) & Outstanding New Member Award (Rachael Phillips)!

We had such a great time too. Every year there is a senior ceremony to honor the senior Delta Zetas. It was a true honor to stand up with fellow Delta Zeta’s from Ohio in that ceremony.


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