It’s been so long, cyberspace.

I thought that I was going to keep up with this more than I have! I’m so sorry, the final weeks of my undergraduate career got to me with more than I could handle. Between the senior class party to Delta Zeta’s senior ceremony and all of the final papers, things got a little overwhelming for me- I cried almost every day because my college career was ending.

But now that it is summer, my free time has opened up. In June I will be moving back to Berea and living in a great new apartment with my bestfriend and hopefully babysitting as well. My brother also graduates from high school in June and he will be having his graduation party at the end of June!

I am also going to be posting a book list of books I want to read or have read- so please leave me some great reads! :)

So long for now, but there isn’t much to say right now!

Here are some pictures from graduation:

PS: Check out my friend Pete’s blog  He is an up and coming financial guru & is helping me save money (because we all know I need it!)


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