Growing up won’t bring us down.

In the lyrical words of a great band, The Maine ‘Growing up, won’t bring us down. Growing up, it won’t bring us down. We’re in this together, Yeah, we’ll make it somehow.’ (Run over to their site & purchase their latest: Black & White and tickets to their show– coming to Cleveland June 1st at the HOB!)

And that is exactly what BFF Christina and I are doing. So in just 16 days we will be moving into our very own apartment! It’s cute and just exactly what the two of us needs- 2 bathrooms, our own washer & dryer and THE best part…the pool! :)

But now, seeing my lack of funds (but I have 2 interviews this week!) I am freaking! I am going to be going through my room and selling as much as I can to make some extra cash; my last paycheck from my undergraduate job gets here Friday and is already all accounted for. We also need to get everything for our apartment-from rice to couches…we need it all! This whole leaving the nest thing is really weird, especially when I have to come home and I will have no bed & will have to sleep on the couch- oh well.

I also need help decorating- I don’t know how to decorate my room or the bathroom. For me, this is the number one problem that I am facing. Huge dilemma!

Now what I am asking is for some tips. How do people survive in their first place alone? How do you do it? I need some serious help as to how to get things for cheap and how to stay alive.

Leave me tips and let me know what you did when you first ventured out in your own apartment!


PS: Are you going to be at The Maine’s show in Cleveland? I will be there passing out Alternative Press promo!


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