Dear world,

Yesterday, after about 5 months of interviewing and the application process, I was finally accepted to my choice graduate school with an amazing internship (you need an internship for the program)!! This program is only in its 3rd year and I am excited to be in the class of 2013 (woah, that seems like a lifetime away)!

So what exactly is this program you ask? It’s the Leadership in Higher Education masters program at Baldwin-Wallace College, yes my alma mater! As I continue my education to fulfill my goals of becoming a Director of Student Activities and Leadership, I will be taking unique classes and gaining experiences in both student and academic affairs. I am so excited for what these next two years bring me.

I am also excited to share this experience with my roommate, Christina! I can’t wait to meet my new great friend, Austin– he is from Florida and will be going to Illinois State in the graduate program focused on student affairs! I beyond thrilled to get to be following in the steps of my mentor and friend, Mandy; as well as Heather and Michael (recent grads) as well as Katie and Ryan who are in two different programs. All of these people mean a lot to me and have been great influences on me as I have ventured into this new stage in my life!

And I can NOT forget about Marc, Kathy & Jaime who are the three superstars in BW’s student activities office and who have all truly inspired me to be just like them in my life.

I couldn’t ask for better people to have in my life. :)

So, now as I enter this new phase in my life so will this blog. I can’t wait to get started- this is the beginning of my new life and I am so ready to begin!


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