4th of July & a few updates!

Side note before you start reading this…I drafted this on July 6th and just totally forgot about it until now)

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! I know that my weekend was a great one. This year marked the first time that I have not been in Geneva or Ocean City, New Jersey to see the light show. I spent a great weekend and saw a ton of different shows as well.

Friday afternoon was spent working out with Brittany & Christina, then we had dinner at Chipotle (kind of defeats the working out part huh, but I got more salad than rice & chicken, no pop or chips!). It was mostly a very relaxing night for me.

On Saturday, it was another lazy day with hanging out at the pool and relaxing. Saturday night, Christina & I went to The Blue Snapper (which we have become very fond of and it’s fairly close to us) to get drinks & a late night snack, well when we got there it’s was jam packed & but we found a seat inside, but pretty close to the outside- and it worked to our benefit because it started to downpour! Everyone had to run inside or stay until the outside bar. It was actually a very nice night and my festive outfit worked well for the holiday.

Sunday we again lounged all day but then decided to go to Crocker Park for their festivities. They were having activities all day long but Christina and myself along with a friend that must remain nameless (she is a Rho Gam for the sorority community at our alma mater and we can’t reveal her identity yet). Well we headed out to get dinner at The Cheesecake Factory but trying to find a parking spot was outrageous!  Finally we found one and had to walk a million miles away (ok not really but it felt that way!), we only had to wait for a table for a little over 30 mins! Afterwards we met up with our friend Amanda to watch the fireworks0 this display was out of this world! So wonderful to see (it kind of made up with not being on the Jersey shore, well only sort of). They only lasted a few minutes but that was okay.

On Monday, the actual 4th- our friends Brittany & Jay came over and then we headed out to Lakewood to where our friend Nina lives. Nina rented out the party room on the rooftop of her building. We hung out there and then for the fireworks we went out on the roof and got to see so many. I literally think we saw 20 different sets of them. It was so nice to see all of these and it was so peaceful. It was a great end to the fabulous weekend.

On Tuesday, July 5th my dad came up to Cleveland for the Katy Perry concert! It was so wonderful! My mom’s friend won tickets & gave them to us. Katy is my dad’s favorite and she never puts on a lame show (I would know because I have seen her every time she has performed in Cleveland!). The concert was over 2 hours long but I felt it was too short! But the night was great and my dad is the best!

So that was my weekend (well, 5 days) for the 4th of July. Happy Birthday America!

Now, as for my updates….I recently got hired at the new BCBGMAXAZRIA store at Crocker Park! I’m so excited! I have to go fill out paperwork today!!

That’s the most exciting thing that has happened so far this month of July! I’m headed off to get ready for my day- I’m also going to dinner with my friends Jen, Ryan, Amanda & Christina tonight!


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