I am sitting at a Starbucks in downtown Chicago watching all of the business people come grab coffee on this dreary day, while I have my luggage & am in yoga pants and UGGs waiting for the Mega Bus to come and take me back to Cleveland.

This morning marked the end of the  NASPA 4E conference in Evanston, Illinois; this was the first conference since becoming a graduate student in higher ed. It was a great experience and I was able to meet many people in our region that are currently in a position that I am looking to be in once I graduate.

The theme this year was ‘reinvent. reimagine. reawaken.’ The conference chair, Anna Gonzalez (also a Delta Zeta sister of mine) challeneged us all to reinvent, reimagine, and reawaken the transformational role of our profession.  During this conference I feel as though I succeed in accomplishing each of these.

During the next few days I will talk about 2 sessions per post that reflect on the sessions I went to. Here are a list of the sessions that I went to:

  • Leveraging Your Skills for the Next Professional Level: Re-Imagining Your Strengths
  • Re-Envisioning the Art of War: Leadership for New Professionals
  • Advising Through Change
  • Re-Inventing Leadership Programming with an Intentional and Strategic Theme
  • Our iPad Experiment: Re-Imagining Our Campus and Our Learning
  • Advice for Meeting Student Career Needs for the Non-Career Counselor
  • Re-Imagining the Way You Use Social Media as a Professional
Check in later as I reflect on what these sessions were all about and the reasoning why I went to these specific sessions!
PS: I did get to visit Chicago, here are some pictures from it too :)

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