I read on another site about this book challenge where you pick the number of books that you want to read a year and then read. Well, someone who I would consider a mentor and Delta Zeta sister of mine, Becca Obergefell, committed last year to reading 52in52. I remember seeing throughout the year her talking about  this challenge. I have decided to take on this challenge myself.

In 2012, I will commit myself to reading 52 books this year- that comes down to 1 book a week! Not that bad (divide the total number of pages you need to read by how many days & then you have your daily goal). I am one of those people who looooove to buy books but then I put them on my bookshelf and forget about them (not entirely forget, but just overlook them because I know they are there…yelling at me to read them).

These books won’t be just for fun, some will be educational and some will be classics. I want to be engaged & learning with each books I open. If you have any suggestions on books for me to read (and borrow), let me know!

I am going to start of the year by reading books that I already own, this will probably take me into the first 15-20ish weeks of the year (see, I told you I was a book hoarder).

My first book (and then 2 & 3) will be The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I bought the boxed, hardback set about 2 months ago or so but I haven’t read it yet! This is where I am starting. Check back here as I log each week’s book to this post (and add a link to where you can purchase this).

Week 1: The Hunger Games; Suzanne Collins

Week 2: Catching Fire; Suzanne Collins


4 thoughts on “2012 Book Challenege

  1. I love that you are trying this! I didn’t make it to 52 last year, only to 27…. but that’s still more than I would have read without the challenge. I think I’m going to do it again this year… I’ve got a blog post in my head about this year’s reading plan :) Thanks for motivating me to get started!


  2. Yayyy! The Hunger Games! I really enjoyed reading that series! Can’t wait for the movie!! (Although I don’t know if it looks that good :/)

    Also, I have a really good recommendation: The Second Son by Charles Sailor. It was a bestseller in 79. I only heard about it through this contest to win a free Kindle Fire; you just have to review the book in order to win. So yeah, I wasn’t expecting to like it that much, but I LOVED it! Classic! And here’s the contest link if want. That way you could enjoy a new book and possible get a kindle while you’re at it :)


    1. YES! I had heard some great things about The Hunger Games trilogy so I figured I’d give it a shot (and Amazon was doing a deal with the boxed set of hardback- which are my favorite)! I’ll have to look into The Second Son! Thanks!


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