EMBRACE: January

Embrace, my One Word 2012 has been very easy to keep up with! I have tried to embrace everything that has come into my life so far in 2012 and I’ve got to say some great things have come my way and trying my best to embrace each of them have turned out to be fairly easy to embrace.

I have embraced the first few weeks of my second semester of graduate school, where I now have 3 classes where I will need to embrace ethics, research, and business (I am taking a business class as an elective). So far so good with embracing what I need to do to get ahead of the schedule with my assignments. Embracing the readings and what I am learning has been awesome and I am already learning so much.

Embracing my future endeavors has been sparked greatly during this month. I have applied to different summer internships, to be on committees, and for new practicum experiences. Sorry but all of them are hush hush but I will let you know that I am fully embracing them (details to come when things are finalized).

Embracing my professional organizations this month by registering for ACPA and attending OCPA this past week. I made the most of my time at OCPA by committing myself to achieve the best opportunities that I could; I feel as though I took all the right steps and met so many great people that will be able to help me as I grow within this field. As for ACPA, I have registered and signed up to volunteer as well. Embracing everything I can at conference is really going to teach me so much.

To embrace is to accept willingly, and this month has been a time for me to embrace everything that has been thrown at me.


2 thoughts on “EMBRACE: January

  1. Keep it up, Kari! Being open and embracing the opportunities will only open up more and more experiences for you! Great way to start the year on your oneword – it was so nice to meet you (again!) at OCPA.


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