It’s the little things, it really is…

It’s really all about the little things in life. Really seeing the small victories in our lives are more important than the smaller ones. Taking time to reflect can be something worth all the while.

We just had the 1st Pre-Trip meeting for my Alternative Spring Break students. The student trip leader did an amazing job with opening the meeting with a great way to remember everyone’s names0 she made 8.5″x11″ sheets with our names that we are to wear until everyone know everyone else’s names. A good reminder to remember everyone’s names- especially when there is this large piece of paper attached to the front of you.

We worked on a fire starter that was the ‘lap-sit’; basically the group stands in a circle facing the same way and the goal is to sit on each others laps. Kind of hard in theory…..or was it?

These students already give me hope as to how this trip is going to turn out. They already listen to each other and value what the others have to say. During the ‘lap-sit’, one person came up with an idea on how we should tackle this ‘problem’ of sitting down; everyone else listened to this one person and decided that it was a great idea and if it didn’t work, we’d try something else. Seeing the students really take into consideration someone else’s ideas was great and very powerful.

The tactic that this one student had and the willingness of the others to listen, paid off. The ‘lap-sit’ was a success!


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