I can’t believe it but my first year in graduate school is finally at its end. It has been a year to remember and I wouldn’t have changed it.

It’s hard to think  this time last year I was in shock about my 4 year career at Baldwin-Wallace College was coming to and end and I would be leaving my closest friends & sisters for bigger opportunities. However, not actually moving too far (2.2 miles away) was a benefit for this transition.

I learned so much this year- from the history of colleges and universities to finding my true passion in life for my career in student affairs. I have meet so many professionals and graduate students alike from the conferences I have attended this first year (NASPA 4E, OCPA, and ACPA). I am grateful for the people I have met at these conferences and I know they will be lifelong friends.

I can’t wait for my 2nd year- filled with conferences, presentations, practicums, internships, interviews, flights & drives- I know that my 23rd year on this earth is going to be a great one! I am lucky enough to surround myself with amazing family & friends and I know this makes all the difference.

As this chapter in my life comes to an end, my internship at The University of Alabama is just beginning- on Sunday to be exact!

This might be an end, but it’s a new beginning I can’t wait to start! I am excited to start this new journey in Tuscaloosa and see what my 2nd year has in store for me. I am excited to meet even more professionals and be a helping hand to 1st year students throughout Ohio and the country.

If you happen to be at NODAC 2012, NASPA 4E 2012, OCPA 2013, or ACPA 2013- let’s connect there but let’s start connecting now!


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