This Kate Spade quote is something that I have been looking at for sometime now. Always more so for the SHE part of this. I want to live out my life in all of these ways: Quick, Curious, Playful, and Strong.

kate spade quote

My experience here at UA has been so amazing and I still have another month and a few days left to go. My first week I got to see the Interim President speak at the Division of Student Affairs end of the year awards banquet. Here’s a brief excerpt from UA’s website.

Dr. Judy Bonner was named Interim President of The University of Alabama on March 5, 2012. “I look forward to working with the UA family to keep our University on a trajectory of growth with quality, and to maintaining our long-standing commitment to excellence in every endeavor.  Our outstanding faculty and staff demonstrate their commitment to our students and their success on a daily basis, and I am honored to have this opportunity to serve as interim president during this time of transition. We look forward to working with Dr. Witt in his new role as chancellor of the UA System, and wish him much success in the years to come.” — Dr. Judy Bonner (via The University of Alabama)

Dr. Bonner (who received her Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from The Ohio State University!!) is the first women in this position here at The University of Alabama. I think it’s a great time for me to be here and to experience all of the change on this campus. As a young woman, finishing up my master’s program and setting out into a world where men still are making more than women (in some aspects) and all of those other stereotypes that may still exist, I am happy to look to professionals, like Dr. Bonner, creating milestones in our world.

This past week, Dr. Bonner invited our office to lunch with herself and the Vice President of Student Affairs. I sat with the VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Nelson for lunch and had great conversations with him. Then for dessert, Dr. Bonner came and sat at our table. Now even though it was a short time, it was still so cool to get to have that interaction with her, a powerful woman on this campus. How great to sit and have dessert with such a powerful woman on this campus.

women in student affairs

I think that it’s safe to say that I look towards different women to serve as role models, from my mom to my friends all the way to Hillary Clinton. I’m an avid reader of the NASPA Knowledge Community: Women in Student Affairs blog. I look to the women that contribute to this blog as ‘unconventional’ or ‘nontraditional’ mentors for myself. They are the type of women (because I am my own person through and through) that I look to be because they have traveled this path that I am about to take.

Now, I hope that you have someone that you can look to for guidance, unconventional or not. There is always room to grow in your path to success. (And if you don’t have someone, if you are in Student Affairs, look to ACPA’s #SAgrow community. Find out more here) Always grow, please.


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