My NODA internship here at The University of Alabama is quickly coming to and end- it’s like I blinked and it’s almost done. I have learned so much so my experience here this summer and I know that my friendships with everyone here will continue to grow, even 755 miles away.

Going from undergrad to grad at the same institution I never had to actually say goodbye see ya later because I wasn’t leaving  to go anywhere. Now when I think about leaving here, I get teary eyed because it’s something that I haven’t have to experience- the end.

Mary Alice & I with Big Al

I’m so proud of the person that I have become because of all of the people I have met here. I will miss my Bama family, but it’s also just see ya later and not goodbye.

To be one of my last weeks here in Tuscaloosa, this week has been a stressful one- very eerie. Before the Colorado shooting,  right here in Tuscaloosa, a man went to a local bar (where many students frequent- including myself this summer) and shot into the building wounding 17 people. This was not something that I was expecting to wake up to- between texts and e-mails the University took control. However, although this did not happen ‘on campus’, the administration took what could have been a hectic situation and handled it with ease. This week has been strange and a week that I wish we all could erase from the books.

I have gotten to experience so many things here in Alabama and I couldn’t be more grateful to experience them all.

Technically this isn’t my last weekend as part of my internship, but it is. Next weekend I will be heading to The University of Georgia to experience their transition camp- Dawg Camp. That will be my final Friday and Saturday in the south.

When I think about the end- do all good things really have to come to an end? I don’t think so and I know that this good thing won’t. It’s going to a weird transition back but more importantly a weird transition back to what is ‘home’.

My family had planned a trip for the end of my summer to see me and today they are traveling to be here. The end of the summer seemed so far away, but it’s here. I am excited to show them what has been my home for this summer and to meet some of the amazing people I can now call family. But, let’s just stop talking about the end now.

How do you handle transition out of somewhere- your job, you town, your school?


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