Matt Bloomingdale  from amonderdaydrifter asked me to write a piece about how I  uses technology in my daily workflows (i.e. how I discover, consume, share, and create content daily and strategies and tips for how I do so). He’s invited 4 people (at various levels in the profession) to share their experiences by guest writing, I am the first to be featured. Here is an excerpt from my post:

up to that point i had been using technology for great things and to connect with my classmates and to catch up on the news (being an overly involved undergrad catching the news was not easy). my top resource for this information came from twitter; 140 characters allows anyone to get right to the point- what i needed in my busy schedule.

during my senior year i started to connect with other undergrads that were looking into higher education programs as well as current grad students and professionals in these fields. at this time i had learned about the #sagrow program, naspa, and acpa- all via twitter. at the end of my senior year i began to blog; i bought my own domain and started to blog about random things, not really having a focus just then.

Check out the full article here. Thanks Matt for this great opportunity!


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