I’ve been back in Ohio for 18 days now and it’s gone by so fast. Literally my 1st full day back in Cleveland I went over to Case Western Reserve University for a meeting. I will be working with their Student Activities & Leadership office, focusing on their Emerging Leaders Program; this will be for my practicum experience this fall. My second day in Cleveland was spent on a conference call for the OCPA board then I headed into my new office at BW.

I’m glad to be back in Ohio, but I still miss the family that I gained in Alabama. The experience this summer is already helping me to engage with my new position and I am thankful for that. I’ve got to do so much since being back- dinner with my little & grandlittle, seeing one of my good friends get married, 5 year high school reunion, getting anew hair color (which for me is something that I love and look forward to, it’s like my own version of relaxing), went to The Feast in Little Italy, and helped with OL park day.

Little Italy. The Feast 2012

My 1st week back in Ohio and back at BW was full of GA training- meeting the other GAs, listening to presentations, interactions with professional staff and the divisional meeting, and working on diversity issues. The training was great but it made me realize that this is it- this is my last year in school (of any kind, until my doctorate).

I’m starting to think long-term. Connecting with people all over the country in this field, both professionals and graduate students. Taking advantage of everything that I possibly can. 265 days until graduation- to live it up and make the most of this time.

This time is crazy for all Student Affairs professionals but I feel that it’s an even stranger time for graduate students- especially those of us in our second year with the ‘real real world’ just around the corner. It’s a new start of the school year where I feel a bit different than in the past- mostly because that ‘real real world’ is fast approaching.

How do you start something new? 


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