2012, to say the least, was fantastic. The one word I picked to help me throughout the year was EMBRACE. I tried a lot of new things and the year was a great one.

I embraced involvement with OCPA by putting my hat in the running for the Graduate Member at Large on the board, and I won (well technically tied with my now co partner Todd). I also became the Co-Chair for the PR/Publications Committee for the 2013 conference….I’m only in grad school but what an opportunity that the Chair of the conference and my committee gave to me! So grateful.

I embraced the opportunity to travel with a group of 9 kids to Florida to complete an Alternative Spring Break trip at Give Kids the World in Kissimmee. Traveling over 1,000 miles  with students that I was barely older than, an experience of a lifetime.

Embracing the opportunities to network with different Student Affairs professionals at the OASPA/OCPA, ACPA, and NASPA-4E Conferences. Getting the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and to learn about all of the projects and best practices they are working on. So inspiring.

The biggest thing that I embraced was…if you know me….ALABAMA. I moved 14 hours from home for the summer to Tuscaloosa to be a NODA Intern with the First Year Experience office. What an experience that was. Embracing something so unfamiliar turned out to be one of the best times of my life- personally and professionally.

The last thing I embraced was my last year in graduate school. Time really does fly, but I’ve been having the time of my life.

Last year I embraced and this year I’m excited to pick a new word. One that I can take with me into the uncertainty that will be a reality in May. My 2013 word is RELAX. 

2013 is going to be bringing me the first job search out of graduate school and the searching is going to be, what I can imagine….insane (for lack of a better word). After that comes the moving and then starting the first job- all very hectic and I’m going to need to remind myself to just RELAX.

Such a simple word but something that I think as a soon-to-be grad and new professional I need to remind myself to do. SO simple and yet I find myself not being able to do it. Why? Probably something that none of us can answer.

I’m challenging myself to RELAX this year. What are you challenging yourself to do?


Share your 2013 Word Here (Thanks to Niki Rudolph for collecting them again!)


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