In 2012 I had every intention of reading and completing the ever so popular #52in52 (where you read a book every week during the year). My hopes were high and my wallet ran low as I continued to purchase books and stock up on good reads.

But being the very busy person I am, I neglected my very large bookcase. That’s just an excuse. Why am I, at 23, giving excuses to NOT take time for myself? And with something so easy as reading. Learn now so it’s better as I get older. Work/Life balance is key.

So now, I have taken on the stacks again and I hope to have some great reads happening in 2013.

I don’t want to give excuses for not taking time my own time seriously anymore. It’s time to have a firm foot with myself. So this year I am taking the challenge of the #52in52 and have set out to read, read , READ!

I have created a list (which I believe will work for me- I LOVE lists) with the books that I bought LAST year to start off my 2013 list. Currently, I have 8 weeks of books written and have started (OK so yes, I’m just starting now and technically I’m late already).

I hope I have good updates throughout the year for you to hear about my 2013 reading adventure!


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