An assignment for class for informational interviews made my blog wheels turn a bit. With the help of using the #SApro and #SAchat communities I have been fortunate enough to have 7 different Student Affairs Professionals from different areas across the continent (Canada, eh) join me in my adventure.

I will be starting next week with my conversations and following up with their individual blog posts after each talk. The series will last until, I imagine, the end of March which will be nice for my fellow graduate students on the job hunt.

The conversations will be on the job search topic that is a hot topic with me and my fellow second year graduate students across the country. So as a graduate student, what are some questions I should be asking? Interviews, amount of applications, phone interviews, salary, benefits (the list could, literally, go on forever)?

Leave me a comment on the types of questions you would like answered and I will incorporate them into my interviews.


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