My one word of 2013 was to relax. I think I’ve done okay with it so far this year. The year didn’t start off on the greatest foot. On January 5th I was in a car accident that ended up totaling my car resulting in me having a rental for a while until I could go a buy a new car (just last Friday).

No one was injured (thankfully, just shock and a broken hair clip) and the accident wasn’t my fault (thankfully) but the added stress of the situation took a toll on me. This isn’t my first time at the totaled car rodeo.- my first car was also totaled after I was in a head on collision when I was 18, again I wasn’t hurt too bad (just burns & scrapes from the airbag and just overall shock). But the stress of this happening again, weighed heavily on me. It added to the stress of the new semester, which in turn made me not as prepared as I would have liked to be.

This past weekend I took some time to relax, something that I have been neglecting this month, even though I made it my #oneword for 2013. I think by me doing that this past weekend I have given myself a renewed sense of hope that I can and will relax this year.

So my readers, how do you relax. Leave me comments on your was to relax. Having a hard time? Think about why you don’t relax and how you hope to change that.

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