I was asked to write up something for The Student Affairs Feature a while back and my post is live TODAY! I chose a combination of my One Word 2013 post and the job search I am currently in. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say:

re•lax [ri-ˈlaks] verb: to relieve from nervous tension.

Lately, I am learning that the life of a second year graduate student is one where, throughout the day, you receive emails upon emails, from past and current colleagues, regarding various positions they think you might be successful in. I am discovering the job search process is insane.

Researching the different aspects of the search process, looking for that perfect institutional fit, can drain a person. When that person is also completing course work and practicums, while balancing the responsibilities of being a graduate assistant, the added pressure of a job search can be a lot to manage. It’s easy to feel burned out.

Thank you to Matt for allowing me to write! Make sure to check out the post HERE!

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