NODAIf you know me, in real life, or know me because of my online presence you know that I LOVED my NODA (National Orientation Directors Association) internship experience. I loved it before I landed in Birmingham, I loved it during the summer, and I still love it today. People really do leave footprints in your heart.

The NODA experience is unique. You go for a summer to another institution, after the interview process that takes place in January/February, and help to transform students’ lives- students being the new students at orientation or the orientation leaders that you work with. And when the summer is done, so are you. It’s a very fast process and time will fly by before you know it.

I believe my experience was so amazing because of my ability to jump in and begin to make connections with the other graduate students, professional staff, and the students themselves. Before I went for the summer I read and emerged myself into the Alabama culture to learn as much as I could so when I arrived I just said (to myself) ‘OK I’m here, let’s go!’

Literally taking the bull by the horns.
Literally taking the bull by the horns.

Take a look at the words in the word cloud above. There are two words that really stick out to me: DIFFERENT and EXPERIENCE. This summer will be that….a different experience. Take the bull by the horns- you are the only one that can do that!

I wanted to make this post for the Summer 2013 NODA Interns who will be venturing out soon to their campuses and experiencing something that my words can just not describe. I enlisted the help, via Twitter, of some past NODA Interns to answer a few questions- What was your best experience? What tips do you have for the 2013 NODA Summer Interns? and What would you have done differently? And to give you another look at the NODA Internship experience, I asked my students from the summer to answer some questions- What tips do you have for the 2013 NODA Summer Interns? and What can the NODA intern do to exceed YOUR expectations? 

If you were a NODA intern, please feel free to leave comments on these posts to help current NODA interns out with tips from you. If you are about to be a NODA intern, leave questions and I’ll help out in any way I can!

Special thanks to the following people…

Former NODA Interns:

Katie CollinsBecca ObergefellAndrew Swan,Mel BaxterCarli Bryan, Hon LamMary Alice Porter, Lauren MeyerJoe O’Geen, and Lindsay Ritenbaugh

The anon submitters

The University of Alabama students:

Paige Shell, Clayton Southern, Alexis Shaw, Anika Abiade, Logan Morris, and Courtney Hope Wilson

The silent PAs!

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