NODAPart 2 incorporates the feedback that I received from former NODA Interns on their best experiences, below you will find what they believed to be some of their favorite parts about being a NODA Intern.

What was your best experience?

  • To be honest, the debrief after my last orientation session. I walked into the room and my OLs sang me a “Call Me Maybe” parody and did a whole bunch of recognition things for me. It was that moment, and the tears, hugs, and goodbyes that followed, that made me realize I made at least a bit of a difference in their lives that summer and they were thankful for having me around…and I was more than thankful for having them and the other professional staff around during that experience- Katie Collins
  • I spent the summer working at a university that was worlds different than my undergraduate experience and GA site, intentionally exposing myself to a mid-size, public, urban, and vocationally focused university. To make it even more fun, I worked with Parent Orientation, instead of students. This gave me a skill set that still serves me well, as a young professional it gave me experience in presenting to large audiences, understanding parents beyond their “helicopter” stereotype, and engaging with students from a different vantage point- Becca Obergefell
  • Besides all of it? For me, it was seeing a training program I had developed on my own come to fruition. I asked for the opportunity to redesign the training curriculum for a section of our student staff, and I was extremely nervous about it going well. However, it was a total success, and from that moment on I’ve had much more confidence in myself professionally. It was scary to put myself out there on that limb, but the payoff was completely worth it, and I’m glad that I had supervisors that trusted me enough to let me go for it.- Andrew Swan
  • It’s hard to pinpoint one experience that had the greatest impact on me, but I would have to say that my favorite aspect of working as a NODA Intern was the opportunity to be at a new school in an unfamiliar area with people I did not previously know. I learned so much over the summer because I was challenged to see things from different perspectives at a school that is very different from my undergraduate and graduate institutions. Overall it was a wonderful experience that I would repeat in a heartbeat! –Mel Baxter
  • I had some awesome adventures with fellow NODAs from another Denver-area school and we still keep in touch! I also had some very formative conversations with a few of my staff members that have impacted how I view my role as a SA practitioner (mostly about future plans, but also about encouraging students to pick their battles and not stress over the little things). -Charli B
  • Weekly cookouts at my on-campus apartment with the professional staff. –Anon
  • I had a blast as a NODA intern. I think my best experience was meeting amazing individuals through the internship. I have enough memorable memories to last me a lifetime. –Hon Lam
  • When I accepted my NODA internship, I had very little experience with orientation. I was eager to soak it all in and learn as much as possible. In all honesty, I was hoping that orientation would prove to be an area in which I could start my career as a professional in Student Affairs.  After an amazing summer of leading a transition camp for first-year students, interacting with an awesome group of orientation leaders, and immersing myself in a new campus culture, I was excited to discover my passion for working with first-year students. That was easily my best culminating experience as it affirmed that I was indeed in the right field! –Mary Alice Porter
  • I had a wonderful supervisor and professionals in my office. I loved getting to know these truly great people and learn about myself in a new atmosphere. –Lauren Meyer
  • I particularly enjoyed coordinating the midsummer workshop for our orientation leaders. It gave me a lot of programming and planning experience, enabled me to collaborate with campus partners, and provided me with a sense of ownership over a portion of the orientation program at the university. We visited a nearby community and students were able to complete a #BeThePerson challenge. This helped them engage in conversation with new people and rejuvenate after many weeks of back to back orientation sessions. –Lindsay R
  • Seeing it all come together during the day of Orientation!- Joe O’Geen

**If you were a NODA intern, please feel free to leave comments on these posts to help current NODA interns out with tips from you. If you are about to be a NODA intern, leave questions and I’ll help out in any way I can!

Special thanks to the following people…

Former NODA Interns:

Katie CollinsBecca ObergefellAndrew Swan,Mel BaxterCarli Bryan, Hon LamMary Alice Porter, Lauren MeyerJoe O’Geen, and Lindsay Ritenbaugh

The anon submitters

The University of Alabama students:

Paige Shell, Clayton Southern, Alexis Shaw, Anika Abiade, Logan Morris, and Courtney Hope Wilson

The silent PAs!

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