2012 PA Team!

Part 3 is a bit interesting and I think what will be the most valuable to NODA Interns- tips from the students I got to work with last summer! I had the bestest (inside joke) time with these students- I can’t make up what they said about me (you’ll see at the end).

Really take in what these students had to say to these 2 questions because they will be your biggest critic.

What tips do you have for the 2013 NODA Summer Interns?

  • Be open minded about wherever you wind up! It might not have been your first choice but being open about the experiences you are about to have will help you during the summer.
  • Don’t be intimidated with your new environment, take this as an opportunity to learn about a new university’s culture and the people who work/attend that university.
  • Be creative! In the beginning of the summer orientations, things are exciting, but after doing countless orientation sessions over and over things can become boring. So change things up! Not only to keep you from going crazy and wanting to leave early, but to keep the positive energy up within the group(s)!
  • Create connections with the students you work with – you will be working with them so why not form some friendships while you are at it!
  • Get to know the orientation leaders you will be working with as soon as possible! As students, they already have an inside perspective of campus culture and can be great resources to help you get started (with ON and OFF campus resources).
  • Interact as much as possible with the students (even outside of orientation)! The students will affect your life just as much as you affect theirs.
  • Motivate college students to work…and be willing to work hard each day with a positive attitude. The students will see that and appreciate you more.
  • Take something from this experience! A lot can happen during orientation and I have found that the lessons and experiences that I learned from orientation help me in my everyday life. So there are always lessons to be learned! Keep an opened mind!
  • Have FUN! Trust me when I say the summer will FLY BY!! So enjoy every moment from the great times to the rough days!
  • Interact with all groups involved in the orientation process, whether or not you directly work with them. You never know who will end up being a huge help.
  • Have fun! You’re going to be working with outgoing college students. Orientation leaders take their jobs seriously, but they love to have fun as well. Also, take advantage of getting to know the area and tradition within the university you work at. It will give you a sense of the students and community you will have the opportunity to work with.
  • Keep it interesting!! You (me, Kari, in particular) were always hanging out with us when we played volleyball and always wanted to relate with us.
  • Be a resource for the students. Those who are still lost in college can draw from your experiences and it could put the students back on track.
  • The people, college students and especially the orientation team you end up with you will impact for the rest of their lives! It was awesome having someone coming in from a different school and being able to mesh ideas with our program. It helped us improve as a team and grow closer.
  • Be there for students/ Be a confidant to them during difficult situations. There is a fine line between being a friend and being the students superior…if you cross the line of being too good of a friend…you will lose your authority over them in times when you need it…find that balance.

And my 2 personal favorites:

  • Do everything that Kari did… duh.
  • Be fun like Kari :)

What can the NODA intern do to exceed YOUR expectations?

  • Being nice and friendly and approachable is #1!
  • Participating as much as possible and being part of the group really helps. And if they (the NODA Intern) can have fun with us and still be our boss that makes all the difference.
  • Don’t take everything too seriously!
  • Really get to know what the school your interning for is all about also so that you can be a resource for those who don’t know you’re an intern.
  • To develop not only professional relationships, but with your orientation team as well!
  • To exceed my expectations a NODA intern will make everyone feel as though they (the students) have been with the intern all year, making each person on the orientation team feel wanted, appreciated, and comfortable.
  • Taking the time to getting to know the students they will be working with. You’ll be working very closely with students and the learning experience for you can be both professionally and personally.
  • Establish camaraderie with each member of the team. Knowing my name and a few things about me definitely motivates me to build a good work relationship!
  • Anticipate needs. Obviously orientation is never perfect, but brainstorming solutions before the problem is posed always separates a go-getter from the rest of the group.
  • For me, it is basically just get to know who you are working with. Befriend them because even on those stressful days of dealing with parents and students, you never know when you might need someone to just listen to you or give you a good laugh.
  • Also, always be willing to give a helping hand. Not one person can run an orientation for a summer. It takes a team to put on a fantastic orientation and if one person is overwhelmed with a job or project, ask if they need help. These are just a few things that exceed my personal expectations.
  • Always be the worker that everyone looks to for help. Be well versed in the material that you need to know and be able to answer questions.
  • And always enjoy your job.

Again, my favorites:

  • Be like Kari!!
  • Be like you (Kari)! You were funny and helpful. You made the days suck a lot less. When everyone was having a rough day your positive attitude really helped make everything better.

If you were a NODA intern, please feel free to leave comments on these posts to help current NODA interns out with tips from you. If you are about to be a NODA intern, leave questions and I’ll help out in any way I can!

Special thanks to the following people…

Former NODA Interns:

Katie CollinsBecca ObergefellAndrew Swan,Mel BaxterCarli Bryan, Hon LamMary Alice Porter, Lauren MeyerJoe O’Geen, and Lindsay Ritenbaugh

The anon submitters

The University of Alabama students:

Paige Shell, Clayton Southern, Alexis Shaw, Anika Abiade, Logan Morris, and Courtney Hope Wilson

The silent PAs!

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