Part 4 will give you feedback on what past NODA interns would have done differently during their time. Take their advice to make sure you don’t leave having some of these thoughts in your head.

What would you have done differently?

  • Spent more time with my other NODA intern colleagues and colleagues at the university. Though the 3 interns lived together, a lot of our socializing was spent on our own time. Maybe it was good for balancing the amount of time we spent together, but it would have made some of our relationships tighter.
  • I wish I had taken more time to explore the city I was in! While I did explore a lot, I think I hit a lot of the “normal” spots, I wish I had done something a bit more crazy or off the beaten path!
  • I set a goal for myself to get to know the student orientation leaders that I worked with over the summer. Though I did get to know the students well, I wish that I had been more intentional about my time with them.
  • I would assert myself sooner.  It took a while for the students to view me as a supervisor and an advisor, but I think that if I had spoken up sooner in the summer, this role would have been made more clear earlier on.
  • Ask more questions.
  • Be more intentional about my learning outcomes and communicate them effectively.
  • I keep in touch with my orientation leaders and supervisor(s) from my host institution, but I wish I were more consistent in doing so.  They can be your biggest advocates and want to know how you are doing after you leave, so I advise NODA interns to stay in touch with the friends, students, and colleagues they make during their summer internship.
  • Networked more with #SAgrads in the area
  • Absolutely nothing.  I have been asked this question multiple times and the answer never changes.  Everything that summer was a great learning experience, I made great connections, and learned a whole lot about myself.  I wouldn’t be as confident now going into this job search as I am if it wasn’t for my NODA intern experience and how much I grew.

If you were a NODA intern, please feel free to leave comments on these posts to help current NODA interns out with tips from you. If you are about to be a NODA intern, leave questions and I’ll help out in any way I can!

Special thanks to the following people…

Former NODA Interns:

Katie CollinsBecca ObergefellAndrew Swan,Mel BaxterCarli Bryan, Hon LamMary Alice Porter, Lauren MeyerJoe O’Geen, and Lindsay Ritenbaugh

The anon submitters

The University of Alabama students:

Paige Shell, Clayton Southern, Alexis Shaw, Anika Abiade, Logan Morris, and Courtney Hope Wilson

The silent PAs!

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