At the start of January I came up with new goals for the upcoming year just like just about everyone else. But this year, something clicked for me.

I decided to join my mom and her friend, Pam, at their Weight Watchers meeting. Now I have tired WW twice before- both unsuccessfully. Now looking back on it…I was not ready for it. I hadn’t had my ‘ah-ha’ moment yet. I knew I was gaining weight. My pants were a little tighter, my arms a tad chunkier than usual but I wasn’t ready to commit to myself. I have no idea why I wouldn’t want that for myself, but it’s the truth.

Monkey Bread from Emily Bites! They are just 4pp and ADDICTING! (Click for her site/recipe)

One thing I’ve changed a bit was my openness of committing to this journey with my social media connections. I started tweeting about it and posting new foods and their point values on Instagram. I was researching new recipes and I wanted to share. I share all other sides to myself online so why was I not doing this too? Too private maybe? That’s just not me.

I’m a product of social media and don’t like to ‘filter’ myself (#nofilter) so why was I using the darkest filter possible on this part of my life? Posting something related to Weight Watchers daily has held me accountable. Not accountable to my twitter followers or anyone else besides myself.

The WW leader I have is awesome! She makes these calendars that have a question on each day asking questions like: ‘What did you learn from last week?’, ‘Take away the guilt. Forgive yourself if you’ve eaten too much. Start over’, and ‘What choices from last week makde you want to celebrate?’. I answer these every day.

PB2! My new alternative/obsession to peanut butter! 1pp/2T

So far so good with my Weight Watchers journey. The combination of my awesome group leader, Janette, my WW group & our Facebook group, my parent’s support, and talking with some of my #SAgrad friends I didn’t know were WWers too…all of this has helped me stay on track.

Now I’m not necessary going to post how much I weigh. I don’t believe it is essential to my own personal growth but I will post things like ‘I lost ## this week’ or ‘Kept the losing streak going!’. I think it’s beneficial for me to do that on this journey instead.

I have only lost 3.8lbs since starting and I say ONLY because I’ve only had 3 weigh ins. I’m on track for big changes and I am excited!

Taking healthy snacks on a trip to NY!

I’m still eating the foods I love but I am learning portion control.  I am setting smaller more manageable goals.

My first goal is to be down 25lbs by the time I turn 25 on June 9th! I’m on set to reach that goal (and probably exceed it)!

I’m saying YES to being ME!

OK now I’m off to make 3-2-1 cake!

PS: Here’s how to make 3-2-1 CAKE! It comes from a WWer I found on Instagram, @WWASHLEY84

Take a box of angel food cake mix and a box of any other flavor cake mix you like. Mix both loose powders together in a large zip loc bag. In a small bowl/ramekin/mug/etc, take 3T of this new cake mix, 2T of water, stir well, and microwave on high for 1 min. Voila!



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