Weight Watchers has been the perfect plan for me to become a healthier and happier version of myself. I have currently lost 14.2 lbs on this plan and I’m on set to be at my goal weight.

Recently, Weight Watchers rolled out with a new fitness initiative encouraging members to LIVE LIFE ACTIVE! Adding a little extra pep in your step can help boost your weight loss journey.

Some WW members in my group have decided to walk together weekly. Last night we met up at the high school and walked 5 times around the school which equals to 2.33 miles! It didn’t take too long at all. Enjoying the fresh air that we got here yesterday was so nice! Spring is close (even though we will be getting some not so nice weather here soon).

I’ve also challenged myself to walk/run a mile a day. Right now that’s not too hard because we have a treadmill in our basement but when I move to NYC in just TEN days I won’t have that luxury BUT I will have a lot of walking opportunities- I’ll probably just walk around campus a few times and be able to get my mile a day in!

Another tool I have been using is my friend Samantha. Samantha is the author behind the blog Pursuit of Healthy Happiness. I met Samantha when I joined Delta Zeta in college during the fall of my freshman year (so long ago- yikes)!

The Pursuit of Healthy Happiness aims to help its readers to live a…

…balanced life with healthy eating habits, regular workouts, and the occasional scoop of French Vanilla ice cream.  It’s about investing time in yourself, and keeping yourself educated.  It’s learning where our food is coming from, ways to stay active each day, and about happiness as state of mind.  It’s about finding the positive things in life, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and in turn, being one of those people who brighten others’ days.

Samantha’s workouts have helped me try to routines to help become a stronger person. I’m not one to workout very much I really hate doing the same thing all the time but her workouts help me to not feel bored all the time.

Between Samantha and WW’s Live Life Active initiative I am learning to live a more active life!

Let me know: How are YOU living a more active life?


All views are my own. I am not endorsed by Weight Watchers in any way. I am a normal WW Monthly member who is loving the experience!

Remember: Be safe and be smart with any new exercise plan. Keep the following guidelines in mind: Check in with your doctor before starting an activity plan, warm up before you begin any exercise session, keep a check on your intensity level and cool down afterwards. Don’t forget to do some flexibility exercises, and keep well hydrated before, during, and after your workout.


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