moving-boxesWith the big move to the Big Apple this weekend I realized something- I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!

In my 24 years I have acquired so much stuff- random house ware  items, clothing that probably could give me a new outfit everyday for a month not even joking (shoes included), random items that I have no idea why I have (well, I do because if I see something at the store I think ‘HEY! I can use this random object in my life for this random purpose’. But I never do! I’m pretty sure you do as well (hint hint that junk drawer?)!

I hope this isn’t turning me in to a pack rat and that I won’t be on an upcoming episode Hoarders! Tomorrow’s packing job is to go through my jewelry. I will be taking a long hard look and ask myself- ‘When did I last wear this?’

So how do you streamline? What are your tips for not holding on to items for too long?


One thought on “Too Much Stuff!

  1. Kari, I did a blog challenge to get rid of 100 things–donate, trash etc. (hint: groups of the same thing count as 1 item ;D) And I really noticed the difference. I still have a ton of stuff and plan on doing another one before I move!


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