What I Love (Right Now)

Here are things that I am loving, right now!



MufasaI love learning more about my MBTI score (ENFJ)! I’m always on the hunt for new articles that describe my personality as well as ones that share my favorite characters’ scores as well! This article stuck out to me. It’s MBTI and DISNEY! I love Disney so how perfect is this?! Also, when you have the same type has Mufasa all is right in the world.

Zara Top with Guipure Sleeve

This Zara Top with Guipure Sleeve is the next piece I’m adding to my collection! I love the detail on the sleeves- too cute! It comes in white but I will be the first to admit that I do not do well with white clothing! (EDIT: I BOUGHT IT! I did wait 20 mins at the Zara in SoHo to just TRY IT ON but I liked it, got a size bigger than normal but I’m really in love with the sleeves and color)





Porter Magazine is one of my new favorite things. PORTER is the fashion magazine for the stylish, intelligent woman of now and is powered by NET-A-PORTER.COM. I love the interaction that they have with their readers. You can download the app here and follow them on insti here. Also how AMAZING does Lady Gaga look as their cover girl?! 


Executive Chef Alex Garcia opened Amigos, a pop-up Mexican eatery with a rotating roster of chefs. The menu is full amazing items that I can’t wait to try! So far I’ve had the guacamole, tacos, and a burrito (huge!!). The decor is precisely what you would want it to be: bright, bold, eclectic and fun! You can sit at tables, the bar, or even outside!


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