Usually I can look around my apartment and tell what day of the week it is by having a look around my apartment- today it looks like it’s Friday and it’s only Wednesday. Anyways…things I’m loving, right now:

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

On Saturday I walked to the closest Barnes & Noble and picked up this book. I’ve heard people talking about it before but I hadn’t bought in to the whole thing (honestly I am usually jumping on the bandwagon as it’s ending). Well let me tell you- this book was amazing! I read it in one sitting (about 3 hours) and I ugly cried. I think I really needed this book in my life at that moment. You can preview the newest trailer here.

The release day is June 6, 2014 (Just in time for my birthday on the 9th)!

2014-04-27 14.27.44








Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is an area of Central Park that pays tribute to the late Beatle, John Lennon, named after the title of the Beatles’ song “Strawberry Fields Forever”. He, along with Yoko Ono lived in the Dakota Apartments adjacently located to this area of the park.

When my friends and I came to NYC on spring break in college one year we visited and met Gary, the Mayor of Strawberry Fields’. He would come to the site every day and tell the story and meaning of this iconic landmark in Central Park. I was able to record his speech, you can view it here to learn just a little more about it. When I was moving to NYC (1 month & 1 day ago) I wanted to see what Gary was up to because I wanted to visit again. Unfortunately in September 2013 Gary was diagnosed with leukemia and passed away from complications in November.

When I went last weekend I just sat and imagined he was there telling all the visitors what this site was (because a lot of people aren’t even sure and are looking for actual strawberry plants).









Starbucks x Oprah

Yesterday Starbucks launched Teavana Oprah Chai Tea, which was  developed by Oprah & Teavana. I’m not a big tea drinker (I do love my black sweetened ice tea, thanks to Clay) but I am a big fan of Oprah & Starbucks.

When I grabbed my regular vanilla soy, I also picked up a hot-cup sleeve and this quote was on it:

Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose.

–Oprah Winfery

I guess the universe was trying to tell me that I am doing alright. On Monday I had a minor freak out. After talking to my good friend Samantha (who LITERALLY can lift my spirits at any and all times) I was feeling really good and then yesterday picking up this…it all confirmed it for me- I’m doing okay.



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