Summer Interning in Student Affairs

MA, Litsa, and I with Big Al!
MA, Litsa, and I with Big Al!

Another academic year end is approaching and that means a new wave of #SAgrads are heading out to spend the summer at different universities to gain more experience. 2 years ago today I boarded a plane heading to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to intern with the First Year Experience office at The University of Alabama.
If you’ve kept up with me in these last 2 years you know that my time there means everything. I learned so much about myself and my career that it will always hold a special place in my heart.


2012 PA Team!
2012 PA Team!

I encourage every summer intern to make the most of their time this summer. Last year around this time I complied some blog posts from fellow NODA interns and the students I personally worked with. I’d like to again share those with the future interns so they can make the most out of the summer!

Here are links to my past posts that I think you might enjoy:



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