What I Love (Right Now)

What I Love (Right Now)

Another installment of the things I love…right now. A short list today but 2 very important pieces to me.

bc7ce0dce4f9c7f80c3a1526e7d32897_400x400Levo League is the first online destination designed to provide Gen Y women with advice, mentorship, and career opportunities. Levo League’s mission is to create a trusted community of young professionals who are invested in supporting each others’ success in game-changing leadership positions. I really enjoy Levo League Since 2012 Levo has built an audience of 8 million plus. Between office hours and articles no wonder why that number is so high!

Through Levo you are able to create a profile where you are able to access jobs opportunities, make connections with mentors in the city you live in (or want to live in), and improve your career IQ by reading articles and listening to different office hour talks.

Levo League also includes Local Levo. The 28 Local Levo Chapters have a goal to bring together women interested in growing personally and professionally while empowering others to do the same. Through professional development, access to incredible women and offline experiences, Local Levo helps to make the professional journey an enjoyable one.  I’m attending my first Local Levo event tomorrow- I can’t wait!

The Courtney Bib

The Courtney Bib. If you know me you know that I LOVE Courtney Kerr. I first fell in love with Courtney on Most Eligible Dallas when it aired back in 2011. I always have one person per show that I connect and fall in love with…that was her. I followed her on Twitter/Instagram from then on. Once I heard about her landing a show with Bravo I was even more excited for Courtney to be on my screen again!

Her personality and fashion are some of the reasons I love her. Courtney teamed up with Bauble Bar for her own collection. Clearly I was a fan! I finally decided to use some of my points toward this necklace. I fell in love from the beginning. I ordered it. BUT it got ‘post office lost’. I have a PO Box here in NYC and they just could not find my package- at any location. Needless to say 2 weeks after the tracking device said it was in was it actually in my box. I was so excited to see it! It’s not as heavy as I had thought originally so that’s a plus! I love this look- head over to my Instagram page to see how I’m wearing it!


What are you loving right now? Let me know!



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