What I Love (Right Now)

Here’s another helping of the things that I love.

1888586_730771203620065_421224615_nCleanly, a just-launched laundry and dry cleaning delivery service, lets busy New Yorkers schedule pickup of their laundry and dry cleaning and a delivery of fresh, clean, and folded to perfection.

I found Cleanly simply after they liked a tweet I had posted about doing laundry in NYC (which is not easy if you do not have it in your building, sadly that’s me). After that I did my own investigating and I placed my first order!

This service makes my life so much easier. With a quick download of an iPhone app and a few clicks you can have your laundry scheduled to be picked up and dropped off leaving you with more time to #DoWhatULove (Cleanly’s token hashtag on Twitter). Cleanly is a lifesaver! It’s so simple to use and they work with you in case your schedule makes you later than you had originally thought (guilty).

Use the code KARIWE10 to get $10 off your first order!

The calm before the 30,000+ graduation storm!
The calm before the 30,000+ graduation storm!

Graduation! I love a great graduation ceremony (that’s the Higher Ed junkie in me). There’s something about a graduation ceremony that gets to me and boy Columbia’s did not disappoint.

An Army Reserve Captain surprised his daughter at her graduation, Cicely Tyson (!!) received an honorary degree, and this rendition of Stand, Columbia (so good…chills) from this duo!






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