New Networking Experiences

I’m usually a pretty good networker. At past conferences I’m always trying to learn what I can and meet influential people in my field. I come back home with business cards and new twitter connections ready to take on the world. I’m an extrovert, clearly…but at a  recent event I was thrown out of my element. I went alone. It wasn’t a Higher Ed conference that I’m used to. The first step really is the hardest huh?

I attended the first evening of Ladies Who Luxe events hosted by Tania Sterl of Sterl on Style, and Levo League at The Norwood Club in Chelsea. I’ve been wanting to get out and experience different Levo League events since moving to the city to meet new people my age. So I figured why not go?

The first person I met, while grabbing a diet coke, was a lawyer and she was actually friends with Tania (she had been a past client of Tania’s). The atmosphere of the event was not what I was used to (I’m not in Cleveland anymore, Toto). I met another young women who actually learned the night through Levo as well (the event wasn’t exclusively offered to Levo members).

I only met these two women that night. Why was I being shy?

The topic of the night was something I’m very interested in! I love fashion and learning how to make it blend appropriately in the workplace. We came to learn how to ignite our feminine fire and to network.

But I didn’t network. Being thrown from my ‘normcore’ life was a shock for me. We discovered how to become captivating and memorable in-person, online, and on-camera, and how take your look from day to night elegantly.

Tania’s mission is to help women take their image and their business to the next level with style. And she did that. Reminding us to have key pieces in our wardrobe that make a statement- a coat, shoe, and bag. Personally I like to have a statement necklace thrown in there. Here’s what I wore to the event:

CaptureBCBG Kattianne Signature Cardi-Wrap // All The Wire Skinny Bar Necklace // The Courtney Bib Necklace // Worthington Black and White Striped Dress, old (similar here and here) // Nails from the Gelish Love in Bloom Collection: All Dahlia-ed Up // Christian Siriano Nude Heels, old (similar here and here)

At the end of the event I attempted to speak with Tania to thank her for the talk and the tips but after 4 people ‘cut’ me in line (Do I call it cut? Sounds very elementary of me but that is what it was) and a long day I decided to head out.

I had a very good time but I wish I would have gotten out of my shell a bit.

From here on out I will not let insecurities of being alone and in a new place hinder my chance to meet new people.

Tomorrow I’m going on a boat cruise (I’m on a boattttttt, sorry had to) with my sorority alumnae in NYC, who I do not know. I’m going in with an open mind!




One thought on “New Networking Experiences

  1. We’re all thrown out of our element now and again. Kudos for tackling another event! I’m contemplating an non-ACPA national conference for next year and not going with anyone I know (at least not as of now). Totally out of my element, but I’ve got time to prep for it. :) Can’t wait to hear about more of your networking adventures!


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