My Delta Zeta Birthday Wish

fe5c11cc9f5c595a260be0a8b9475c2cYesterday I went on my first official Delta Zeta alumnae event here in New York City. We went on a fabulous cruise around lower Manhattan and had a great time.

My 25th birthday is coming up in just 8 days (June 9th) and I wanted to do something special Instead of the traditional ‘send me gifts’ I ask you to send gifts to my sorority, Delta Zeta.

My time as a collegiate member of Delta Zeta has meant so much to me and I’ve been able to grow and find DZ connections in different parts of my life in the different places I’ve lived (including Alabama and here in NYC).

Thanks to Chris with the Delta Zeta Foundation I found out the area of greatest need for Delta Zeta is the Annual Campaign – that campaign provides for the General Grant to the Sorority which allows the funds to be used where needed most.

Your gift to the Foundation will provide Delta Zeta sisters with academic scholarships, personal growth opportunities through the new Being More! program and leadership experiences and training.  In addition, you will support the training of DZ volunteer leaders through online tools and training so they can help chapters grow stronger.

Your gift will help reflect the generous, loving spirit that is Delta Zeta.  Because you give, a new Delta Zeta chapter president, barely out of her teens, is able to keep 78 women working as an effective team . . . a Delta Zeta junior has the scholarship that will let her come back for her senior year . . . an alcohol-related accident never happened, because the responsibility coaching you helped fund taught a sister how to intervene.

You are helping these young women, my sisters and out future leaders, become the women they dare to be!

To donate click here. Please fill out the “Tribute” portion (In Honor Of) on the donation form and put my name.

I have a feeling 25 is going to be my best year ever.




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