Monday Motivation- Birthday Edition!

Happy Monday! Today might be Monday but it’s also my BIRTHDAY! Today I turn 25 (well, technically not until 6:49 PM…I think). Yesterday I went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). I had a fantastic time- loved everything about it! On my way there I even helped a person looking for the museum who was from Brazil (helped navigate her to The MET as well)! So fun!

I have a small but short goal list for my birthday this year:

  • Become a healthier version of myself, FOR myself
  • Become (or start being) more financially responsible (read: figure out how to cook in my tiny NYC kitchen)
  • Work on my 101 things in 1001 days list
  • Starting my professional career with a position I am in love with

And the most important….

  • Have fun! I’m YOUNG! I want to have really cool stories to tell to the students I’m working with years from now- it’s really about making life a really cool adventure!

Here are some photos of things I particularly loved from my trip:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Anyways, here’s my Monday Motivation…Birthday edition! (PS: Check out my Birthday wish here).


PSS: But really…I can NOT believe I am 25! WHEREEEE has the time gone?!


4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation- Birthday Edition!

  1. Happy Birthday Kari!! The fact that someone asked you how to get to the museum is a sign that you’re becoming a New Yorker. You look like you belong there! That experience was a fun one for me after I moved to Duluth.


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