What I Love Right Now

Here’s some of the things I love right now.

Central Park Picnics

Set up a picnic blanket on the grass, bring your own food, add a book like I did and you have yourself a great time! There are a bunch of great areas to explore but honestly, just find some green and set up shop! Can’t wait to picnic again this weekend when my friend Paige comes to visit!

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival

Bryant Park is the summer spot to watch some great movies in NYC on Mondays at the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. My friend Ashley asked if I wanted to go and I was so excited! We got there a bit late and had a seat on the steps in the back but people left (even before and during the movie) so we were able to move up and enjoy some lawn space.


tumblr_mv7hu6pNQC1rnlb7lo1_r1_400 (2)That quote from Benjamin Franklin sticks out to me as a perfect quote for this #SAFailsForward movement.

Failure is not an option. As Sean says it is inevitable. I learned about this idea from Sean when I had the opportunity to interview him for my Job Search Conversation Blog Series back in January 2013. It has been something in my mind since.

I’ve been inspired from the articles Student Affairs professionals have written for The Student Affairs Blog. There are so many reasons to give up, or so it may seem in the moment, but these stories have helped me to see my failures are just steeping stones.

 What are some things you are enjoying lately?








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