The Golden Rule

How great life would be if we could all follow this simple rule :)

The other day I was leaving my second home, Starbucks, on my way to the doctors. I was carrying my tea, my bag, and an umbrella to prepare for the rain (that we never got while I was out but boy did we get rain/thunder/lightening/scary iPhone NWS alerts) and all while wearing a nice little summer dress and sandals.

As I was leaving there was a girl that had just and was putting her wallet (one of those smaller wallets from Vera Bradley that is smaller than a wristlet) in her pocket but she had head phones in and didn’t realize it fell right on the ground…on the ground in NYC. I immediately ran after the wallet & then her (please remember of my description of myself).

The look on her face was enough to know I just made her day. She told me she was glad there were still good people in this world and I told her I try to always be one of those people.

And she said ‘Good things will come back to you.’

She did not know this but I needed that and she made my day. Something so simple can make a big difference.

I challenge you to to do something simple for someone this week (month, year, your lifetime). 

something to remember<3 love others & follow the golden rule:) Trying to remember to show Love to others no matter what the situation..God calls us to love one another and help others.


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