Big Onion Walking Food Tour

Last weekend I was able to attend another Delta Zeta NYC Alumnae event. We went on a food tour of the Lower East Side as a part of Big Onion Walking Tours. I met up with Jessica beforehand for some coffee and to catch up. Note to self: make sure you do more research on the coffee shop because there was no place to sit in there! We eventually made our way over to the meeting location, we checked in, and then tried to figure out where the DZ group was at. We found them introduced ourselves and then go started on the tour.

Since 1991, Big Onion Walking Tours has led locals &  visitors on exciting tours through New York’s ethnic neighborhoods and historic districts. Our educator & graduate student guide lead tours that are the finest, most comprehensive, and thought provoking walks available.

This tour, Original Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour, combines the history of the ever diverse Lower East Side with food sampling stops from local shops and markets. The main focus of the tour is the history of the multi-ethnic Lower East Side emphasizing the neighborhoods of the Jewish East Side, Little Italy and Chinatown.

During the course of our walk we sampled about 10 different items, representing the Dominican, Jewish, Italian & Chinese communities of the Lower East Side. Some sad things about the tour: I did not photograph the plantains we had (I also love plantains- so good) and I do not remember the name of one item we had.

Side note: The photos are a tad blurry of the food item itself because I was so focused on getting the background in the shot.






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