Friday Favorites: My Favorite Bloggers


Happy Friday and also Happy May! I can’t believe it’s already that time of the year…summer! It’s the best time, in my opinion!

So for Friday Favorites I decided to tell you about my favorite bloggers! I start my morning off with a cup of coffee and open up these bloggers to read.

  • What Courtney Wore. I have been a follower of Courtney Kerr since she was on Most Eligible Dallas. I was a fan of her personality and style and started to follow her fashion and advice when her blog was on Tumblr! Now with jewelry lines, Courtney Loves Dallas, a radio show, and a super adorable pup Courtney is one of my favorites! Courtney is obviously a blogger in Dallas.
  • The College Prepster. This is another blog I’ve been following for a while as well. I’m a year older than Carly and found her blog during my last year of college…so it’s been a while now. Carly transitioned the blog really well from college to full-time professional so I still really enjoy reading it daily. I think I still enjoy reading it because Carly and I are just a few months a part in age and we have similar transitions in life as well. And a PLUS, she also has a cute pup! Carly is a blogger in NYC.
  • corals + cognacs. Hallie is the She is hilarious and really keeps things real. She comes from the Midwest (Cleveland/Chicago) and now lives in NYC. I feel like I can really relate to her and her style doesn’t try too hard- if that makes since. She’s a go-with-the-flow blogger (in my opinion) and sends hilarious snapchats. I wish I could take a SoulCycle class with her.
  • Bows & Sequins. Jess is so much fun. I think her style is most similar how I like to have mine- feminine and polished. Jess’ snapchats are also hilarious especially right now with her computer issues. I feel so bad because I’m in a very similar situation (not fun). Jess also lives in NYC. (I miss NYC a lot).
  • Classy Girls Wear Pearls. I have been following Sarah and her fiance, Kiel, for a while now. They also own an All-American brand, Kiel James Patrick. I own this piece and I love it- time for more! Check out Sarah’s office over on The Glitter Guide.
  • 26 & Not Counting. Jess is a blogger who I ‘met’ though an online workshop. Her blog is a lifestyle blog and I love it. I haven’t been following for long but I love the way she writes and what she’s writing about. She also loves a good donut! Jess is a blogger in Kansas City.

I have 3 Ohio local favorite blogs as well: Nadine at Blog- The New Black, Katy at Sugar and Chiffon, and Tori at Fashion, Bling, and Other Girly Things.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?


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