Hello Again!

WOW- it’s been a while. A lot has happened since my last post….in August of 2015!

I’ve changed jobs, twice (starting the newest on April 18th), acquired a new part-time job, we’ve moved, I’m enrolled in a leadership group in my county, and a bunch of other crazy things that in taking part of I neglected my blog.

I started my blog about 5 years ago around this time- I was starting to finish up my senior year in college (have I really been out of undergrad for 5 YEARS?!). I got the bug a few weeks ago to get back to it and I reached out to a virtual friend, Jess, from 26 and Not Counting about when the right moment would be to start up again. She told me to go for it- there is no better time like the present. So, a few weeks later I’m back and ready to go.

You’ll see things I’m doing like crafts and cooking as well as featuring some blog posts my brother & I write on our blog Eating in Ashtabula, and some Birchbox reviews….and anything I really feel like posting.

Thanks for having me back!



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