Monday Motivation

It’s the first Monday of April….and here in Ohio SNOW came in for a visit over the weekend. How rude. I’m ready to be done with it all.

Also, you know how I mentioned starting my blog 5 years ago, it was actually today, according to my TimeHop app!


I hope you make Monday yours!


Hello Again!

WOW- it’s been a while. A lot has happened since my last post….in August of 2015!

I’ve changed jobs, twice (starting the newest on April 18th), acquired a new part-time job, we’ve moved, I’m enrolled in a leadership group in my county, and a bunch of other crazy things that in taking part of I neglected my blog.

I started my blog about 5 years ago around this time- I was starting to finish up my senior year in college (have I really been out of undergrad for 5 YEARS?!). I got the bug a few weeks ago to get back to it and I reached out to a virtual friend, Jess, from 26 and Not Counting about when the right moment would be to start up again. She told me to go for it- there is no better time like the present. So, a few weeks later I’m back and ready to go.

You’ll see things I’m doing like crafts and cooking as well as featuring some blog posts my brother & I write on our blog Eating in Ashtabula, and some Birchbox reviews….and anything I really feel like posting.

Thanks for having me back!


Monday Motivation

Another Monday. And so close to the end of August- where did summer go? Next week the kids around here will be headed back to school at this time and it’ll be time for football games and bonfires and pumpkin everything. Not that I am gonna complain because I love that time of the year but I feel like we didn’t get a summer this year- It rained so much in June and wasn’t that warm until recently.

Here’s a bit of motivation as you prepare for the week.