Fall 2011


  • Class Outcomes
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the historical development of U.S. colleges and universities.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the goals of U.S colleges and universities over their history.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the administrative structures and functions in higher education  and their historical roots.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the current state of higher education and the historical roots of current issues such as changes in student populations, delivery systems, and accountability systems.
  • Class Assignments
    • Alma Mater Presentation
      • As a group, we are to collaborate and communicate to identify similarities and differences between institutions.
      • Locate historical and current information on your alma mater.
      • Alma Mater Slide
      • Group compared Mount Union College (now University of Mount Union- Jennifer DeSantis and Wilma Bradley) and Baldwin-Wallace College (Brian Passerell, Alexandria Romanovich, Christina Corsi, and myself)
    • Issues and Innovations
      • The primary purpose of the assignment is to lead the student to an understanding of how knowing the history of higher education can help them become the type of transformative leaders needed in higher education today.  The secondary purpose of the assignment is to provide an opportunity to explore a number of important, current issues, thus preparing you for the context of our practice.
      • The the assignment will include: Exploration of a topic, Researching the history, Creating the innovations, and Defending your choices all via a webpage.
      • Our project: ‘One of the concerns students and other educators have about on-line colleges is the loss of ‘student life’ and its accompanying opportunities for personal growth as well as critical services that support personal development. Is there not a way to create ‘student affairs’ for on-line programs or institutions?  That is your charge.  Create at least 5 student affairs areas (like Multicultural Affairs, or Counseling Services) with that are completely on-line at Virtual University.’
      • Kaye Virtual University


  • Class outcomes
    • Demonstrate understanding of theories describing traditional aged students’ growth and change in relationship to the college experience
    • Demonstrate understanding of  theories describing non-traditional aged and adult development as related to the college experience
    • Demonstrate understanding of linking theory to practice in student and academic affairs
    • Demonstrate understanding of theory-based program planning
    • Demonstrate understanding of program implementation and evaluation
  • Class Assignments
    • Theory Matrix
      • The students will show a display a depth of theory analysis and breadth of theory overview  while including 5-7 theories in the presentation. There needs to be a sophistication of identified interrelationships of the theories and integration of understanding. This needs to be shown with a pictorial representation and through a paper.
      • Theory Matrix Design
      • Theory Matrix Paper
    • Honors Training Program
      • The group was asked to created a Honors Training program that is to be connected to student and adult development theory. The group used several theories to create their training program.
      • Honors Training Program

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