Fall 2012


  • Course Outcomes
    • Demonstrate understanding of the current status of the management of diversity issues in colleges and universities
    • Demonstrate understanding of efforts of colleges and universities to diversify students’ experience
    • Demonstrate understanding of the roles of student affairs and academic affairs in diversifying the student experience
    • Demonstrate understanding of programs and practices focused on attracting and retaining diverse students
    • Demonstrate understanding of issues specific to underrepresented students
  • Course Assignments


  • Course Outcomes
    • To study budget and fundraising practices employed by various types of institutions of higher education.
    • To learn and practice case-making skills needed to secure resources from both internal and external sources.
    • To study the role and importance of effective leadership communication when securing and managing resources.
  • Class Assignments


  • Course Outcomes
    • Demonstrate an understanding of major counseling theories
    • Demonstrate understanding of counseling practice informed by theory
    • Demonstrate an understanding of family of origin influences on the psychological development of adolescents and young adults.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of career development theories and assessment tools.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of matching assessment with counseling theories.
  • Course Assignments


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