Internship II: Student Success

Student Success Initatives

  • Construct and present pre-fall Faculty and Course Assistant half-day training for 19 course assistants and 19 faculty/staff members
  • Serve as the main contact for 19 Course Assistants with communication efforts, program updates; will implement this with a 16 weekly newsletter on what first-year students will be facing, campus resources, and important campus events and deadlines
  • Produce communication efforts to over 900 first-years students through 5 monthly newsletters during Fall 2012 and 11 bi-weekly newsletters Spring 2013; newsletters will consist of campus
  • Prepare and distribute 3 course evaluations for 19 course assistants
  • Coordinate the collection of the COL 101 course evaluations and prepare general summary
  • Review and prepare summary of data of students who withdrew and/or have not returned students for evaluation of trends based on demographics that include gender, ethnic/racial group, organization involvement and year admitted
  • Assist with scheduling and planning of COL 101 Advisory Council meetings
  • Create and implement the recruitment efforts of Course Assistants during the spring term to include: Developing and collecting application materials, facilitate marketing efforts, and coordinate with Spring 2013 training of selected Course Assistants

Supervisor: Marc Adkins


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