NODA Internship: University of Alabama

Mary Alice & I with Big Al
Mary Alice & I with Big Al

First Year Experience NODA Intern- Summer 2012

  • Assisted in retreat and May training for 22 Parent Ambassadors by organizing developmental activities
  • Presented to 47 Avanti Orientation Team members during 2012 May Training prior to Bama Band orientation
  • Presented FYE programs and resources during 15+ Bama Bound orientation sessions to more than 5,000 first-year students, as well as parents
  • Created interactive portions to presentation to engage students with fellow classmates
  • Developed a curriculum for Week Of Welcome event for 150 participants; coordinated participant recruitment, organized needed materials for event, and communicated plans with site coordinator
  • Created a blueprint for Camp 1831 (Summer 2013) that will consist of 3 days/2 nights for two session each made up of 150 students
  • Developed recruitment plan of orientation team for Camp 1831; created application and interview process
  • Organized and published a Social Media Plan for the FYE office that included goals and outcomes
  • Selected to sit on panel at 2012 NODAC to discuss NODA internship process to potential interns and hosts

    MA, Litsa, and I with Big Al!
    MA, Litsa, and I with Big Al!

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